Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DIY Basic Whites

Nothing beats a crisp white basic tee. So when I spotted this white woven poplin in the curtain section of the fabric store, it sparked my inspiration to create a structured t-shirt with subtle patterned detailing.
Step 1: Fold your chosen fabric in half and place pattern pieces on the crease where you need to cut pieces on the fold. You will need to cut the front, back and lining pieces on the fold. Make sure to run the length of the pattern piece adjacent to the salvage edge. 
Step 2: Pin your pattern pieces, then cut around them. 
Step 3. Sew your front and back pieces together. Ideally use a french seam to avoid frayed edges. Click here to watch a french seam tutorial. 
Step 4: Sew together your two lining pieces.
Step 5: Stitch together the wrong sides of the front and back piece to the lining piece at the neckline.
Step 6: Sandwich the sleeve piece between your lining and outer shell and turn under the bodice armholes edges 1cm and press to hold. Top stitch the sleeve into place to enclose all seams in between the top bodice and lining. 
Step 7: Press the hem of the bodice and sleeves 1cm and 1cm under and top stitch to conceal the frayed edge.
Best of luck if you attempt this project. Feel free to get in touch if you need any help or advice.  


  1. I live the idea and yours came out perfect! Also love how you styled it, so fresh and simple. xx

  2. What an amazing DIY!! Such a beautiful top, you are so talented! <3

  3. Great DIY!! Looks amazing!

  4. Hi. Great looking shirt. Thanks for sharing. One question though, where in the bodice should the sleeve notches go to? I notice there is no armsyc. Sorry if my question sounds very basic. I am only hobby sewer who sew commercial patterns.